Get Jessica is a small business who's sole purpose is to help small business owners succeed.  This mission is challenging when considering that 50% of all small business fail within the first four years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Each business is as unique as the people who own them, however, all owner's faces the same problems.  We understand those struggles and believe the key to digging your way to the top is a combination of passion, impartial view of the bookkeeping and organization.  You supply the passion.  We can guide you through the rest!



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Jessica D. Galindo

Jessica discovered her passion for small businesses at the young age of 10 years old.  Her father was the owner/operator of a small flight school in where his passion for flying was known throughout Louisiana.  She spent a good bit of time at his office "working".  She became aware that even though her father was an amazing flight instructor being a business owner was extremely stressful.  


That was the beginning of her drive to help every business owner find their balance between the demands and the passions that is the world of business.  

WANTED:  Someone who is curious about the qualities of a successful business, or who may want to someday have a small business of their own.  It is not necessary to have a degree in accounting or experience with QuickBooks.  Those skills we will be happy to teach.  Looking for someone that is a bit of a perfectionist, enjoys the puzzles of human nature, and the drive of an athlete.   


We are very careful with the selection of our team members as they are directly involved with our client's businesses - Trust Is EVERYTHING.

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