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Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is more than a check register or collection of receipts needed to prepare tax returns.  It is the greatest tool a business owner has to predict it's success.


Consider for a moment that your business is much like your car. It is an investment that with great care will lead you to many great adventures.  The dash display of your vehicle lets you know how well your machine is running, much like your bookkeeping indicates how well your business is performing. That dashboard will let you know if you are leaking money with uncollected accounts receivables.  If its time for a tune-up by re-evaluating your vendors.  Most importantly it will let you know if your tank is empty and just about to run out of funds.  You would not ignore the flashing check engine light of your car, nor should you ignore the rising cost of your largest vendor.

Best Value

Annual Membership



Every month

This plan takes you through the year with quarterly reviews.

Valid for 12 months

15 Minute Monthly Check-in Call

Updates to your Back-of-the-House Data

Payment Coupons

On-Site Bookkeeping


From monthly reconciliations to paying bills, Get Jessica can bring our wide range of services to you. On-Site Services are perfect for Entrepreneurs who want in-house bookkeeping but are not yet prepared to hire someone full-time.  Location limits apply.

Off-Site Bookkeeping


Get Jessica has a wide variety of methods to provide timely and accurate bookkeeping no matter.  With the use of online accounting software and cloud services we never actually have to set foot in your office.

Special Projects


Just like not all business are the same, not all accounting needs are the same.  Get Jessica specializes on helping Entrepreneurs get current, whether it is several months or several years we can get you back on track.

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